Monday, December 28, 2009

The Law Of Giving And Receiving

Giving: It’s what it’s all about.

One of the greatest laws is the law of giving.

It is a phenomenal law.

Give freely and happily. Always form a habit of giving cheerfully.
Give first before you receive. Whatever energy you give will come back to you in an amazing way.

You may give away your time, for example, and it comes back to you much later from an unexpected source in an unexpected form in a way that benefits you greatly. You cannot insist on a particular way and time it will come back to you, but you can be assured it will come back in the best way for you.

Give. Give. Give. And do so cheerfully and freely. It is the energy behind the giving that matters so do not give grudgingly. The law of cause and effect guarantees that you shall receive plenty for what you give.

Life is for giving…

Give what you have of your – time, money, smiles, love, compliments, anything. And you will get back what you do not have on you.

Give graciously and receive gratefully. Grace and gratitude are the energizing factors of giving and receiving.

By taking care of society and nature, you take care of yourself. Share with and give to nature and society often. It is the goose that lays the golden eggs, and it needs to be protected and nourished so that it can protect and nourish you.

Share. Give. Help others. In the proportion and to the extent that you cause others to build their wealth, so will you build your wealth.

Invest some money in financial services and institutions that lend money to others and enable others to build wealth. This is another great way for you to take care of society, to make it wealthy so that you may also get wealthier from it.

The Universe is all energy. Energy flows. Giving promotes this energy flow, placing you in harmony with the powers of the Universe. Whatever you wish to have, cause another being to have it first, and you will begin to have it in abundance.

Give and you will receive in multiples. For example, if you wish to have wealth, show others how to have wealth, and in an amazing way, you will soon find yourself wealthy. It is a very complicated system that works perfectly. Give cheerfully!

Share, share, share. It is an investment banked with the Universe that returns to you with amazing interest. Share gladly and genuinely.

What you wish to have, cause another to have. To have wealth and abundance cause another to have it. How do you cause others to have wealth?

Teach these lessons to your friends that are interested in wealth. Show them this book and others like it. Form study groups or mastermind circles with them. Where two or more are gathered, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Develop an awareness that enables you to look out for and see all opportunities where you can give something freely and cheerfully. You can give material things, your time, skills, or anything else.

Get out of the habit of thinking that you should receive something first before you give. That is not giving. That is an exchange.

Giving freely and cheerfully enables you to do business, if you wish to look at it that way, with the Universe. This is how it works: You give someone something that you have now with you - freely and cheerfully. The Universe, by the law, finds the best way to give back that energy to you in the form of something that you do not have with you. it gives you back in multiples, when it is most appropriate, in the most appropriate form. It is a magical process. Obviously, the more you give, the more magic you create for yourself. Life starts to work for you.

Develop a strong desire and persistence to give cheerfully and freely.

In your goal setting, remember to include several goals that are about free and cheerful giving.

Giving, under the law of cause and effect, is one of the most powerful actions you can take.

It returns in multiples, sevenfold. You cannot afford to leave out giving in your life plan. You cannot afford to leave it to chance occurrence.

Develop giving into a habit, something you do naturally without having to think of it. This makes you into a consistent and persistent giver and the Universe will work for you.

Give spontaneously.

Work on the habit of giving until you get to the point where you enjoy giving. Enjoy it thoroughly.

It is ok to think and know that when you give you will get back something from the Universe. You do not have to pretend you are not interested in receiving a reward for giving.

Expecting reward is good. In fact, expecting a reward is empowering a reward to come to you.

The violation of the law of giving comes when you start expecting to receive something back from the same being you give to, saying "Well, I did this for you so you should do that for me." In fact demanding a particular reward back is a violation. It makes you "trading" minded rather than "cheerful and free giving" minded. Never ask for or expect payback" from those you give to. The reward you receive will come from a source and a time and in a form that the Universe finds best suited for you.

You always have something to give. Time, complements, talent, money, knowledge, share a book, etc.

Giving has one bonus effect: it shows you what you have but did not know you had. Say you wished to have wealth. You then decide to give wealth first by helping others learn how to have wealth. You read books such as these, help where you can with such knowledge, share these kind of books, and so on. In that process, magically, you end up realizing you had a whole lot of wealth and wealth capabilities that you previously thought you lacked.

You are surrounded with abundant opportunities to give, but you only see them when you decide to start seeing them.

Learn also to receive graciously and happily. Do not feel uncomfortable receiving. You deserve it and by receiving, you are in harmony with the law of giving and receiving.

The trick to giving is to not force it upon those you give to.Offer your gift freely and cheerfully.

Show your hand. Do not shove. Show. If the receiver does not wish to take your gift, respect that cheerfully. Do not get offended if your gift is not accepted. Allow the other person their full nature of freedom of choice. And do not make a person dependent on you. When a person becomes dependent on your gifts unnecessarily, you have not done them any good because you have reduced their belief and ability in themselves.

Here is a likely scenario. Imagine a person who does not have much in material possessions to give and share with others. But this person is very charming and kind. The person gives a thousand compliments to people he or she comes across without even getting one compliment back. This person uplifts their mood and confidence by finding ways to encourage and compliment them. But this person never gets a compliment back from anybody. Well, not to worry. The Universe keeps its accounts perfectly. This person’s giving builds credit in the universal system. One day, by the law of cause and effect, of giving and receiving, this person somehow gets the bicycle he or she has always wanted -just when the person needed it - in a way that looks like a miracle. It could be by winning some competition, or having it given to them by a stranger, or one of a countless other possibilities, what people call luck. That is how giving works. Sometime the Universe takes little things that you have, can give, and do give, and it puts them into one big thing that you do not have and require and it gives that to you at a perfect time.

All other things held constant, to the extent that an individual or society shares and gives in the right way, so will they have wealth and happiness. Now you know how to do business with the Universe, so to speak.

The Universe itself is a giving Universe, for life is for giving. You give and you receive sevenfold – you actually are rewarded for your kindness. The Source, Life, is all about giving, and the intelligence that runs the Universe honors your giving always, all ways. Give cheerfully!
Everything in life is a gift. Especially with regard to wealth and happiness, never cease to cause others to have wealth and happiness, and you will have wealth and happiness in multiples! But what goes with giving? Receiving. And what goes with that? Gratitude...Let's have a look at that in my next post.

James Boehm Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Give what you want to receive

"What you sow is what you reap."

We all know (don't we?) that the energy we put out into the world comes right back to us. The experiences we have in our lives are always reflecting our thoughts and feelings - the energy we are emitting. Well, that is my belief anyway.

And according to the Law of Attraction , it doesn't really matter whether you believe it or not. It still affects your every experience in life. If you're not already sold on the idea, try paying attention to what you're thinking and feeling over the coming week, and notice what's going on in your life at the same time. You'll be amazed at the corelation!

Whatever it is you want to receive more of in your life, try giving more of that to those around you. Give love, money, attention, support and you will receive love, money, attention and support – just so long as you give it from a place of genuine love and caring for others. This is absolutely key.

Give what you want to receive, but don't give in order to receive.
If you give in order to receive, you will negate the receiving effect. This is because your underlying intention is based in a feeling of lack - that is the energy you’re emitting and therefore you will continue to attract that lack.

But when you focus on genuinely seeking to help and serve others, you will discover, in many surprising ways, that you are receiving much of the same - and often much, much more - back into your own life.

If you're new to the Law of Attraction, why not try this as an experiment over the coming week and share your experiences here?

James Boehm Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Monday, December 21, 2009

17 Way's To Love Yourself and Build Your Self Esteem

I’ve compiled a list on how to love yourself for readers who are facing difficulty knowing what to do in boosting their own self esteem. When I first began to be aware that I need to love myself first, before I can develop any meaningful relationships with others, I realised that I did not know where to start.

This was a surprise to me then as I would have thought I’d be an expert on love and relationships by then. After all, as I recalled, in my younger days, I’ve spent much time looking for the best spouse or romantic partner. But I soon realised that my search was meant to fill the void or emptiness I had inside. Finding a good relationship with myself seemed to be an even harder task! However, as things turned out, I realised that I failed miserably in my early relationships because I had insufficient or little self love.

If you’ve suffered from low self esteem, then it goes to show that you are lacking in self love. You may even find it difficult to even search your heart for that little bit of love you have for yourself. I dare say that your mind has been so ingrained with self sabotaging thoughts for the longest time, that loving yourself sounds unnatural to you.

However, nothing is going to happen if you do not make a conscious decision. And that includes Attracting Abundance. When you don’t love yourself, you are basically telling the Universe that you are unworthy or undeserving of any love or positive outcomes that have the same vibrational match as love.

Learning to love yourself starts with making a conscious decision, an intention to become happy and lead a fulfilled life. When you do not love yourself and suffer from low self esteem, you can find that it impossible to ever reach the potential that you suspect you have.
“Love yourself first and everything falls into line.”Lucille Ball quotes (American radio and motion-picture actress and comedy star, 1911-1989)

When you make a decision to love yourself, you are really saying that you want to come alive. You accept that you are responsible for the outcomes that you experience in your life and would like yourself to shine from living a fulfilling life.

So if you’ve decided on loving yourself but are as equally stumped on how to love yourself, as I was back then, here are 17 ways which I believe can be helpful:

1. Fall in love with yourself. Think about what makes you You. Just like a flower that needs watering to grow, learn to nurture yourself in every way. Love yourself for all the good that you see and accept your flaws and the fact that you are imperfect. This does not meant that you do not learn to change from your shortcomings; instead, you are being gentle and kind to yourself for all your flaws. Look in the mirror and fall in love with the reflection that is You.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”Oscar Wilde quotes (Irish Poet, Novelist, Dramatist and Critic, 1854-1900)

2. Eliminate Self Criticism. Do you often berate yourself over the tiniest thing? Is there a little voice inside your head that often tells you that you are no good because you are stupid or make mistakes. If you find that you criticise yourself often, make an effort to stop the self criticism.

“I CAN is 100 times more important than IQ.” — unknown

3. Be Kind And Positive. When you start to think kindly and positively about yourself, the love you have for yourself just grows. Make it a habit to praise yourself everyday, while in the front of the mirror. Because of such thoughts, you naturally undertake empowering actions that support your development.

4. Acknowledge Your Effort. It’s not always about winning or having success in everything that you do. Many times, it is the effort that counts! Acknowledge that you’ve done your best, even if you have failed to produce tangible results.
Bring Your Dreams to Life!

5. Let Go Of Worry. Loving yourself requires you to let go of your worry. It is a horrible way to live a life filled with constant worrying. I can attest to that! Worry does not help in any way. It cannot, on its own, make things happen. Only wise actions can! So instead of worrying, spend time thinking about what you can do to help in the situation. If the situation is beyond your control, then ask the Universe for your desired outcome and let things work out on their own.
Things will come to be, if they are meant to be.

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” — Epictetus quotes (Greek philosopher associated with the Stoics, AD 55-c.135)

6. Trust Yourself. Have confidence in your abilities. Know that you have the ability to make important changes for yourself, for as long as you put your heart to it. You can also support yourself by visualizing desired outcomes.

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”Benjamin Spock quotes (American Pediatrician and Author, 1903-1998)

7. Forgive Yourself. If you have made mistakes in the past that had caused you to feel less worthy, then you need to forgive yourself. All of us make mistakes; so there really is no need to beat yourself up over them. Or if you’ve been carrying around a baggage of emotional hurt because of a childhood trauma, learn to forgive yourself that it is not your fault.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”Lewis B. Smedes quotes

8. Be Truthful To Yourself. Loving yourself requires you to be truthful about your own feelings. If you are happy, acknowledge the joy. If you are sad, acknowledge the sorrow. When you are truthful about your feelings, you do not try to lie to yourself or seek to bury your negative emotions. Instead, acknowledging what you feel provides a good guide to what your thoughts are. And as we all know, thoughts can be changed, so that healing and self growth can take place.

9. Grow Spiritually. When you spend time growing spiritually, loving yourself is an automatic thing. You become more peaceful, connected, kind, loving and compassionate. You nurture a mind that grows more beautiful by the day. How to not love yourself in the process?

10. Make Positive Affirmations Everyday. Post affirmations that can help raise your self esteem everyday. For instance, say this to yourself “I love and accept myself completely and unconditionally.” Read your affirmations out loud several times a day.

11. Express Gratitude. Express gratitude for the person that you are. For instance, cultivate an appreciation for your strengths and gifts. Also, feel a sense of gratitude that you are alive and well, and fully capable of making a difference in your life.
Bring Your Dreams to Life!

12. Nurture Your Dreams. Why deny yourself your dreams? When you nurture your dreams, you would love the life that you are leading. Every moment that you live is a joy because you are expressing yourself fully.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. —Mark Twain

13. Boost Your Self Confidence. Make a deliberate attempt to look for opportunities that can help improve your sense of Self. For instance, if you are particularly good at doing something, set aside more time to indulge and improve your skills on it. Knowing that you have particular gifts can boost your self esteem.

14. Relax. You need to give yourself space to take breaks every now and then. If you spend your time working, without paying attention to your health, it also means that you do not love yourself well enough to take care of your own body. Fill your time with silence, soothing music and visions of beauty; anything that nourishes your Soul.

15. Have Fun. Inject some fun into your life. Life is meant to be an enjoyable. Don’t take life or yourself too seriously. If you can think of life in this manner, you automatically relax and quit worrying over things that do not matter.

16. Look After Your Body. It is important that you strengthen yourself with proper nutrition and regular exercise. Your body is a temple and you should treat it with respect, love and care. It has been found that the lack of self love is often the root causes of conditions like eating disorders, obesity or even terminal diseases.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”Jim Rohn quotes (American Speaker and Author. He is famous for motivational audio programs for Business and Life. )

17. Learn To See Beauty. When you learn to see beauty in every thing, you will also see beauty in yourself. Hence, stop to smell the flowers. Notice everything. Feel everything. The pink blush of the flowers in your garden, the greeness of the plains, the whisper of the gentle wind, or the myraid hues of an evening sky.

Here is a good affirmation to read and reflect on…..

“I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it — I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes.

Because I own all of me, I can become intimately acquainted with me. By so doing, I can love me and be friendly with all my parts. I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know — but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me.

However I look and sound, whatever I say and do, and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically me. If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought, and felt turn out to be unfitting, I can discard that which is unfitting, keep the rest, and invent something new for that which I discarded. I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do. I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to make sense and order out of the world of people and things outside of me.

I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me. I am me, and I am Okay.”

James Boehm Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Friday, December 18, 2009

Change your life - today is a brand new day!

Do you want to change your life for the better? Do you want to own more of your personal power, live in the present moment, and move towards your dreams?

You can start moving towards your dreams right now. Today is a brand new day and you can be or do anything you want. Start by asking yourself this question: "Who do I want to be today?" Then decide what action steps you will take to do it! It could be as simple as, "I want to be more loving" and then you show someone important how much you love them.

Think about how empowering it is to live your dreams every single day. You can walk through this life with fulfillment and inspiration as you step into your ideal self and move towards your goals and dreams. You have a wonderful, beautiful energy because when you live your dreams you raise your vibration to match your higher self. What are all the qualities you want to embody? When you see your ideal self, how does he or she feel, think and act? Can you start being that person, right now?

If you want to change your life, then what better time to start than right now, with this brand new day? If you let the past hold you back or live in the future then you are keeping yourself out of your personal power. Only you can decide when to let go of the past, trust the future, and start living in the now.

What are your dreams and goals? What can you do today to move towards them? It can be anything, big or small, (and it can be easy!!) but action is required to make your dreams come true. Are you really serious about changing your life? Do you really want to be fulfilled and powerful? Then what can you do today to live your dreams?

Whatever you want for your life is yours for the taking. Are you holding yourself from your dreams by living in the past or dreaming too much of the future? If so, think about why this is. Are you afraid of success or failure? If so, can you act in spite of your fear? Everyone has fear- it never goes away. The courageous act even in the face of fear, not because it isn't there.

Change your life today. Be your dream self. Simply affirm that you are the person you dream of being, and then be it. Show someone how much you love them. Be generous with others. Take on one small action today to move towards your dreams. If not now, when?

Change your life today. There is no greater act of personal power than to move towards your dreams. It is really quite easy to do this, and so much fun! If you don't feel confident, no problem. Just fake it 'till you make it.

James Boehm Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Joy and Giving at Christmastime

Thoughts of Christmas, necessarily, are a reflection of an individual's own experiences as one follows a passage through life. The thoughts of joy and giving seem especially joined at Christmastime.

Joy is reflected in Christmas carols such as "Joy to the World." Joy brings an euphoric feeling of well being and it seems to happen, particularly during the Christmas season. It appears to be universal.

Joy of the Christmas season has been shared over the years by all stations in life, from peasants to emperors, kings and czars.

Joy of the Christmas season reflects on civility and simple courtesy. Friends and even strangers share a tendency to be less impatient. Doors are opened and passage is offered more often.
Cheery greetings of "Merry Christmas" seem to lift the human spirit.

Thoughts of joy lead to thoughts of giving. Christmas, in spite of all the efforts of those who would destroy the joy, remains the season of giving.

That spirit of Christmas giving did not originate with the giving of material gifts. It began with God's greatest gift to man: life itself.

Christmas celebrates the birth of a baby some 2,000 years ago. That baby was Jesus Christ. The story of the life of that baby was destined, through centuries of suffering and martyrdom, eventually to expand across the pages of history to become one of the world's principal religions, Christianity.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus each year on December 25.

The spirit of giving, particularly at Christmas, is one of personal fulfillment. It matters not the value of the gift; it is the thought of giving that provides the fulfillment.

Christmas is also a time to celebrate the gift of life to children everywhere. Christmas more than any other celebration is a child's season.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are family time. Families gather in closeness, many around a cozy fire, as no other time of the year. It is a time for reunion and many times it celebrates the first Christmas of the newest member of the family.

The gift giving centers on the children.

This anticipation of Christmas, as I recall, began weeks before December 25. As the day drew near, real Christmas began with the selection of a Christmas tree that miraculously could be trimmed by Santa Claus during the night. Santa would leave presents for good little children under that tree. This belief among little children proved to be a remarkable aid to discipline. No child wanted to receive a bundle of sticks instead of a present.

This wonderful belief in Santa was a very closely guarded secret. No one, not even a villain, would dare destroy that magical belief before a child reached the age of first grade.

The Christmas celebration as we in America know it today came from our European heritage.

The Christmas tree, according to legend, came from northern Germany, when Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk and founder of the world's Protestant movement, witnessed bright stars surrounding an evergreen tree. Inspired by this scene, Martin Luther brought an evergreen tree into the home and illuminated it with lighted candles.

When Queen Victoria married her consort, Prince Albert, who was of German heritage, the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha line, the Christmas tree was brought to England.

The Christmas tree came to America when Pennsylvania Germans, today's so-called "Pennsylvania Dutch," came to America in the early 1700s.

Santa, the personified spirit of giving, had been known over the centuries in Europe as Father Christmas or Saint Nicholas. In particular the Dutch version, Sinter Klaas, seems closest to our term, Santa Claus. The Roman Catholic Church recognizes Saint Nicholas of Smyrna, a 4th
Century bishop.

The connection between Santa Claus and Christmas was popularized by the 1822 poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas" ("'Twas the Night before Christmas"), attributed to Clement Clark Moore, who depicted Santa driving a sleigh pulled by reindeer and distributing gifts to children.

The truly American celebration of Christmas was enhanced greatly in 1863 when German-American cartoonist Thomas Nast gave Santa Claus visible form and character in HARPER'S WEEKLY.

In 1897 an 8-year-old wrote to the NEW YORK SUN, asking, "Is there a Santa Claus?" In what remains, a century later, the most reprinted editorial ever to run in any newspaper in the English language, Francis P. Church answered: "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! ...There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The external light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished…"

No Santa Claus! Thank God! He lives and lives forever. A thousand years from now, 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

Only the celebration of Christmas can bring such joy and wonderment to the hearts of children and adults alike.

Merry Christmas!

James Boehm Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How To Love

Love is a strange feeling that can be one of the most amazing in all the world. Sometimes the emotions associated with love are blissful, and there are times when they can really hurt. In the end, love is something most of us, if not all of us, will encounter. While there are many different ways to define love and there are many different ways to love someone (or even yourself), here is a general guide to loving.

1 Say it. When you say the words "I Love You", they should carry with them the desire to show someone that you love them, not what you simply want to feel. When you say it, make sure you really mean it and are willing to do anything for that special person.

2 Empathize. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Rather than impose your own expectations or attempt to control them, to understand how they feel, where they come from, and who they are. Realize how they could also love you back just as well.

3 Love unconditionally. If you cannot love another person without attaching stipulations, then it is not love at all, but deep-seated opportunism (one who makes the most of an advantage, often unmindful of others). If your interest is not in the other person as such, but rather in how that person can enhance your experience of life, then it is not unconditional. If you have no intention of improving that person’s life, or allowing that person to be themselves and accepting them as they are, and not who you want them to be, then you are not striving to love them unconditionally.

4 Expect nothing in return. That doesn't mean you should allow someone to mistreat or undervalue you. It means that giving love does not guarantee receiving love. Try loving just for the sake of love. Realize that someone may have a different way of showing his or her love for you; do not expect to be loved back in exactly the same way.

5 Realize it can be lost. If you realize that you can lose the one you love, then you have a greater appreciation of what you have. Think how lucky you are to have someone to love. Don't make an idol of the person you love. This will place them under undue pressure and will likely result in you losing them.

6 Never stop loving. Even if you have been hurt before you should not stop giving love.

James Boehm Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Compassion and Forgiveness

The following information is a gift to be used and shared with others. The information may be quoted and used in various media.

Forgiveness As A Powerful Healing Tool

Forgiveness is a powerful healer that is identified as an emotional, physiological component of our human being and energy system. Our energy system includes our physical body, our mind and thoughts, and emotions as well as our spirit. Forgiveness helps us to move forward, release our burdens, and restore our beings. Forgiveness of others and ourselves can heal our hearts and soul, mending our energy bodies like a golden elixir. The lack of forgiveness which may be about ourselves or others is how we continue to be bound to karmic patterns which perpetuates repetition of lessons.

Frequently, we do not forgive ourselves for mistakes or occurrences from the past. Forgiving ourselves can heal our heart and being releasing bound energy that creates the space for loving energy to reside. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I feel compassion for people? Do I feel compassion for children or babies? Do I feel compassion for animals?

Exercise: Compassion and Forgiveness

The shortness and simpleness of this exercise does not indicate the powerful nature of the effects that are gleaned from its effects. Compassion and forgiveness are components of the heart chakra, physical heart and region of the chest, both front and back within the physical body.

Energy Locations of Compassion and Forgiveness

As components of the heart region, compassion and forgiveness are linked in healing ourselves and extending this healing energy towards other people within our environment. It is easier to forgive someone when we can hold compassion for them. The three questions above are designed to help you get in touch with the compassion and forgiveness that you can find for other people or animals. This helps us identify the feeling and actually locate this feeling within our physical body. If you feel more compassionate towards young children say babies up to the age of two or three years old than hold the vision of that feeling of protection and compassion for this age.

If you are able to relate to animals than hold the vision of animals who need your protection, compassion and forgiveness. Start the exercise your breath inhaling and exhaling gently three times. This is a time of releasing so that you can be present. Now connect to the feeling of compassion for children, babies or animals. Wait until you notice the location of this feeling within your body. This is a process that unfolds. No need to rush it. There is no time limit here. You may wish to play some quiet flute music, consistent repetitve drum rhythm.

This can be a powerful exercise to do. You can add one more significant step to this exercise. Go through all the steps and shut your eyes. At the end, open your eyes before a large mirror. Look directly into the mirror, into your own eyes and feel the compassion and forgiveness.

I have discovered, when doing this exercise in groups, that some people feel compassion and forgiveness in the heart while others will identify this feeling in their throat and heart and others will identify their solar plexus or spleen area. The location where you feel the compassion and forgiveness may be related to your past and what is going on with you at this time. One specific area of the body does not indicate a better or preferred location.

Repeat this exercise at least once each day for 20-60 seconds. We are just beginning to understand the relationship between our feelings/emotions and thoughts and our physiology. Compassion can positively change your physiology.

For Couples, Parents and Children and Friends.

Sit across from your friend. Shut your eyes. Identify the feelings of forgiveness and compassion for children or animals. Visualize either of these connections and hold this awareness until you become aware of the feelings within your body. Place your hand upon the area of yourself where you are aware of the feeling and allow the sensation to expand, washing over your entire body. Now allow this energy to include self- forgiveness. Stay with this awareness as long as is needed. When you are ready open your eyes and look into the eyes of your friend. If your partner is not done wait for them without movement or comment, in stillness. When you are both looking into the eyes of the other hold your focus on self-forgiveness. Feel the energy. Breath together three breaths in and three breaths out. You do not need to make any decisions about what needs to be done about it. Just stay with your awareness. When you are ready, you can move. You may wish to record your awarenesses before you share together.

Distant Forgiveness and Compassion Exercise

If you cannot share the same physical space with someone who you wish to do forgiveness exercises invite the presence of that person to be with you and do the exercise as if they were present. Imagine you are looking into their eyes when you speak your truth. The eyes are a window to the soul. This exercise can also be done with someone who is no longer upon the planet. This exercise can change the dynamics of your interior being which shifts the energy of any relationship whether the being is present upon the earth or not.

Can those people with whom you have a close relationship feel your forgiveness even if you don’t tell them? Yes. Does it matter if they are in close proximity? No. The process of forgiveness unfolds and will begin to shift your being.

The Results of Forgiveness Upon our Etheric Fields

The effect of forgiveness within the etheric field is palpable. Forgiveness affects our thoughts, our emotions, our spirit and our physiology. Energetically these activities open our hearts releasing negativity towards the self and others. The act of forgivness is an act of compassion. These two components are elements of the heart chakra and heart region of the physical body. When we engage in forgivness and compassion the effects create a wave of vibration that moves through the entire physical body and influences all the etheric bodies and chakra systems. The colors within the etheric field that are connected with forgiveness are: pink; gentle love, green; healing and growth, and blue; peacefulness. Sometimes a rainbow effect may occur around the person too. The activities of forgiveness help to rebalance our being in the present and replace negative patterns.

Forgiveness releases a sheath of energy that lays upon and within the etheric field. As we continue to practice forgiveness these layers allow the etheric field to become more and more clear. The action of forgiveness also connects to various thoughts, experiences and emotional states which are related to the corresponding chakra(s). Releasing energy and thoughts through forgivness allows a chakra or several chakras to lighten and unburden which means they function without being encumbered by the weight of negative energy.

Forgiveness can shift shame, blame and guilt, releasing negative energy which may be linked to generational messages, thoughts about self, the inner cirtic, secrets or other negative self talk. Forgiveness allows us to be present in the moment. Practicing forgiveness is a useful technique for changing consciousness.

How often is it best to practice forgiveness of self and others?

These exercises can be incorporated as a monthly exercise or something that can be done at the end of each day before falling asleep. When we become more aware of the need to forgive this can be done in the moment. The more we participate in the practice of compassion and forgiveness the more aware we will become of the burdens and judgements we carry towards ourselves and others. Through our heightened awareness the burdens of energy that no longer serve us, which contaminate our etheric field and physical body will become lighter and lighter. Being a model for others and not holding energy burdens will be inspiring whether they know you are doing these practices or not. Each being and the work we do is important to the evolution of consciousness. Each of us is important as we contribute our actions and vibrational pattern through our etheric field to the pool of beings and morphogenic fields that effect postive change upon our planet.

Forgiveness of others does not mean that we allow ourselves to stay in a situaion that is abusive in any way.

James Boehm Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Monday, December 14, 2009

Giving and Receiving

We all have dreams and wishes that we believe would make us happy and fulfilled. I have mine and you probably do too. They are what life is built on. Dreaming energises our wishes and desires. Our experiences and life situations today are the result of yesterday's dreams and thoughts, as Thoughts become things. We become what we think.

Our dreams are likely to involve us receiving or benefiting from a change in our circumstances. We want something to happen. Receiving however is only one half of a two way process. The Chinese philosophy of the Tao te Ching as written by Lao Tsu in 3rd Century BC describes how all energies in the world are balanced in equal measure. When things get out of balance there is disharmony, dissonance and conflict. As night follows day, and winter can contrast with summer, so too does the harmony of opposites complement one another in everything in the Universe i.e. male and female, warm and cold, high and low, dark and light, wealth and poverty. Ideally we should work towards a balance in everything we are involved in.

If receiving is only half of an equation, the other half is the process of giving. Some cultures operate a system of tithing which involves giving a percentage of their income to support a worthy cause. And as they give with one hand, they may receive with the other. There are a number of considerations to the concept of giving. We should endeavour not to see it as a means of receiving what we want, but as an unconditional gift, otherwise the process is manipulative and the donation will not be a gift but more of a transaction, which is not the point. We should give because we want to and let nature take its course.

By giving, we are creating an energy that will be balanced by the return of favour or benefit. The return gift may not come back from the same place that we gave away to, but could come from a completely different source. It can be a gift that we have a real need of for ourselves; we may need money, so to give away money is worthy and selfless.

We can give in a way that is special or unique to us given our abilities and resources, such as specialist advice or practical assistance if it’s in our field. We may eventually receive something that is relatively easy for another person to give, but is exactly what we need. The timing of gifts to us is unlikely to match exactly our own gift. What, how and when we receive will be governed by everything going on in the world. We may even receive before we give.

Having the attitude that there isn’t enough to go round will work against us. A belief in abundance and that there is more than enough in the world is more likely to be of help. There may be some people in some countries with many possessions and other parts of the world with not enough, but generally there is sufficient to go round. Thankfully we all have different tastes and desires.

We tend to hold onto what we have because we have fear of giving it away, but this works against us. This demonstrates a 'lack', so this is what we attract.....more lack of what we want. Love for example is not only an inexhaustible commodity, but the more we give away, the more is returned. So we should endeavour to give away as much as we possibly can, as it will come back to us several fold. We should give away what we want to receive as this demonstrates our faith and belief in abundance so more will come to us. By giving away what we need, we are not sacrificing but manifesting.

What we give and receive may not equate in terms of monetary value but of perceived value, and it may form part of a chain of positive events. There is no way of calculating this and nor should we try. It is the whole hearted and unconditional role of giving that we should aim for, and let anything that is going to come our way, do so if and when it does. And we shall be grateful for it! We should not give something and then sit around waiting for the return benefit.

It's good to give.

James Boehm Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Friday, December 11, 2009


Helen Keller the famous American writer once said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”

This quote could not be more true in my life, and I’m sure many others. As I’ve had time to reflect upon my life these past days, I’m happy to see where I’ve been, yet I am more happy to see where I am going. In the past, I used to always focus on what didn’t happen in my life, what should have been, or what could have been, thus leaving me discouraged. A lot of us, like me before, put so much of our focus everyday on pass failures. It could be failures in our relationships, our decisions, our career choices, or mistakes we have made which are we are not able to fix. Even though we know that we can’t change the past, we still dwell on it, letting it plague us like a virus that never leaves our mind and emotions. But, if we always focus on the past doors that have closed, we will become blind to the open doors and opportunities that may come our way.

In the past, I used to get so down on myself about every thing that didn’t go my way. I would ask God why? I would throw fits and rages when life didn’t turn out the way I thought it should have. Or, I would become depressed and go into bouts of self-pity, self-rejection and self-hatred. Being an over achiever I would become extremely critical of myself if I felt like I was the cause of my failures. Yet, now that I am older and I can look back at a lot of my earlier mistakes as a young adolescent, I can see how every mistake, every disappointment and failure has led me to become a better man.

With time we become wiser. With time we learn to learn from our mistakes. With time we can see things in retrospect and appreciate every experience, good or bad, for what it is. With time, we can begin to appreciate ourselves. With time we realize there is no use holding on to old remorse’s and thoughts of “I wish I could have, or would have, done things this way or that way.” Instead, we can make the choice now to not repeat our past failures, recognize we are not the same person, and be open to change. We have to let go of what we can’t control and stop focusing on the past closed doors. If we do this, we can become aware of the present blessings in our lives that we may have been missing all along and walk through a new door of happiness.

Until we let go of the old thing we are holding onto, we cannot be hands free to receive the new thing God desires to bless us with. MOVE ON! I felt like I had to say that loud and clear to whoever is reading this column… MOVE ON from the past and into the new. Don’t let your past mistakes, regrets or disappointments hold you back from experiencing the fullness of life and all the goodness it can bring! I’m excited about my future, I feel like I’m maturing as a man and I know that what is in store for me in the coming days can only be even better than what I have experienced before. Not because the past was bad, but because right now I am wiser, more ready and in touch with whom I really am to receive God’s very best! Unless, we choose to move forward from past closed doors, we won’t know what is on the other side of the new doors that await us. I’m nervous, a bit afraid, but full of faith and heart wide open to experience the new, so should you!

God bless,

James Boehm Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Give and You Shall Receive

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
- Winston Churchill

Are you the kind of person that loves to give something to each person you meet?

By “something” I don’t necessarily mean a material gift. You may give them a compliment, bless them with a prayer, or wish them well.

If so, then I’m assuming you’re someone who receives much of the same in return, and you’re living a life of true abundance.

Dynamic Exchange

At all levels of life, we can observe the process of giving and receiving. It’s a dynamic exchange that must exist in order for life to perpetuate itself. Everything at the most basic level is engaged in giving and receiving. Energy is given, energy is received. When studying the human body we see this dynamic exchange in action once again. One type of cell may require the assistance of another type of cell in our body, and in turn the helped cell will provide a different service back to the cell that just helped it out. This is a critical process, and without it, life would cease to exist.

If giving and receiving is such a fundamental part of life itself, then the same law must also apply to our interpersonal interaction. If we wish to receive, we must first give to others. The more we give, the more we will receive.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the financial means to give a lot, don’t freak and start thinking you’re doomed for the rest of your life. Giving doesn’t require you to shower everyone you meet with material gifts; it just requires that you give from your heart with sincerity. The next time you go over to a friend’s house, or run into someone while walking down the street, pay him or her a sincere compliment. If that’s too much, silently wish him or her will in your mind.

In order to reap the benefits of giving and receiving, you must enjoy the act of giving. If you give for the sake of receiving, that’s no good. You must take pleasure in the act of giving itself. Sincerity is the key catalyst in this dynamic exchange.

Giving Creates Abundance

Abundance begins with the proper mindset. When you give, what you’re telling your subconscious mind is, “I am experiencing abundance; so much so that I can give something to every single person I meet.” By communicating this message repeatedly to your subconscious mind, you subtly transform into a new human being. Your thoughts, choices, and actions will be influenced by this new mindset of abundance. It’s only a matter of time before you start attracting your deepest desires into your reality.

Nature abhors a vacuum. I’ve heard this phrase from many different self-development gurus, and I’m coming to understand what they mean by it. There’s no better way to communicate your faith in abundance to the universe than to give away that which you no longer need. Whenever you give away something, you make space for something new. Nature quickly fills this gap with something bigger and better than you had before. Don’t believe me? Try emptying out your closet. It won’t be long before all of the clothes you gave away are replaced with new clothes you will enjoy and use for a long time.

By giving something to each person you meet, you are creating a significant amount of good karma in your life. The law of karma states that the actions you take in each moment add up to your results in the future. If you’re constantly giving on a daily basis, you can be sure the life you’re creating for yourself in the future is a great one.

How to Receive

Remember, we’re talking about giving and receiving here. One can’t exist without the other. When you give, it’s absolutely critical that you allow yourself to receive also. When it’s your time to receive, receive with open arms. Accept the material gifts, prayers, and blessings people send your way cheerfully and gratefully. Understand that you are receiving because you have been sincerely giving. You deserve it!

I know many people who give willingly, but have a huge problem with receiving. I think it’s because they’ve been programmed to believe that receiving is a bad thing. If you’re one of these people, realize that giving and receiving must go together. It’s a dynamic exchange, a flow if you will, where both parts must exist in order for the process to work. If you cut off either end of the process, you begin to constrict the flow of good things into your life and into the lives of others. Don’t let this happen. Choose to receive with open arms, and be grateful for everything that comes your way. By doing so, you keep the dynamic flow in motion.

Where You Can Begin

There are many places you can immediately put the Law of Giving into practice. A great starting place is your family. Think about how much your mother and father have given you over the course of your lifetime. You have received many benefits, but how much have you given back? If you’ve been taking these blessings for granted, it’s time to make some drastic changes. Perhaps you can begin by learning how to express true gratitude, and in time you will be able to reciprocate all that you have received from your family.

Your friendships are another great place where you can begin to put the Law of Giving into action. By putting this law into action, over time you will enjoy much stronger relationships.

Start Right Away

Make a conscious effort to give something to everyone and anyone you meet. It’s not what you give, but how you give it. You can give the person a flower, a compliment, or a blessing. These things don’t cost money, but they are significant as long as they are given from the heart. Remember, giving should always be an enjoyable experience. If you feel as though you’ve lost something in the process, then it’s not true giving.

If this article has made you aware of the fact that you’re not much of a giver, then you’ve got something to work on! Start giving right away, and get this powerful law working for you in your life. The more you give, the more you will receive. When it’s your turn to receive, choose to be grateful for everything coming your way, and accept it with open arms. By giving and receiving, you perpetuate the dynamic flow of good things into your life, and into the lives of everyone you come into contact with. The natural result is true abundance.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How To Believe In Yourself

If you have been beat down long enough, believing in yourself can seem impossible. When you have had people in your life who do not lift you up, you pretty much take over for them when they are not there. You proceed to discount your skills and abilities based on what other people have said. You are doing a great disservice to yourself and giving your power to someone else. To reach your goals in this life, believing in yourself is extremely important if you want to get anywhere. Those assumptions about who you are become a way of life. You will stay stuck in these patterns until you change the way you think.

Here are some simple ways to start learning how to believe in you:

1) Try Even When You Still Think You Can't Do It

Because you have pattern of not believing in yourself, this will take a little work. Make a vow to yourself today that you will try your best at any opportunity that comes your way. It does not matter if you have fallen on your face before or whether you think it's even possible. The important thing is to pledge to yourself that you will try no matter what the outcome may be. The worst thing to do to yourself is to assume you can't do it before even trying. Tell yourself right now that any effort to do better is not a waste of your precious time.

2) Establish Evidence For The Assumptions

Get some paper and start a list. List every one of those things you really believe about yourself and your abilities or the lack of them. List them whether they are large or small. Once you have that list go through each assumption and examine it. Ask yourself, "Is this true? What is the proof?" Then go and do whatever it is you feel you cannot. It does not matter if you do it better than anyone else. It only matters that you DO.

3) Recognize The Possibilities

A constant onslaught of self-defeating assumptions obviously puts you in the place of believing you cannot succeed. This goes back to the people in your life who have impressed their own beliefs on you. A silly bunch of girls in high school told you that you were fat and no one would ever want you. Guess what you have been doing since? Saying that same self-defeating comment to yourself. It is time to push beyond what you believe are your capabilities. This is a scary thought. It also will be a step in the direction of finding the belief in you. The assumptions you have about yourself may not be true. You have simply accepted these assumptions as truth without proof. Consider all the possibilities of each situation. Challenge the assumptions and have an open mind to the possibility that you could be wrong!

With every success, whether large or small, the belief in yourself will grow. That will be the push you need to keep stepping outside your comfort zone and attain the accomplishments you truly deserve.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wherever You Are, Be There

One of the major reasons why we fail to find happiness or to create unique lifestyle is because we have not yet mastered the art of being.

While we are home our thoughts are still absorbed with solving the challenges we face at the office. And when we are at the office we find ourselves worrying about problems at home. We go through the day without really listening to what others are saying to us. We may be hearing the words, but we aren't absorbing the message. As we go through the day we find ourselves focusing on past experiences or future possibilities.

We are so involved in yesterday and tomorrow that we never even notice that today is slipping by. We go through the day rather than getting something from the day.

We are everywhere at any given moment in time except living in that moment in time.
Lifestyle is learning to be wherever you are. It is developing a unique focus on the current moment, and drawing from it all of the substance and wealth of experience and emotions that it has to offer.

Lifestyle is taking time to watch a sunset. Lifestyle is listening to silence. Lifestyle is capturing each moment so that it becomes a new part of what we are and of what we are in the process of becoming. Lifestyle is not something we do; it is something we experience. And until we learn to be there, we will never master the art of living well.

Present Moment

How can one create anew in the moment, without reference to the past or the future? In this metaphor of surfing the wave and staying over your feet, we are talking about staying rooted where you ARE -- in the present moment -- rather than in the "past" (where you have been) or the "future" (where you are going). If you think about it, all fear derives from past experience being projected onto the future. When things arise in your present moment that remind you of something from the past, you can easily project that the past experience will repeat itself in the moments that follow the time of remembering that past. This is when you feel fear. It's inner talk that says, "It was like this before, so it will be like this again." If you experienced pain in the past, you expect it will be painful again. That is where the fear comes in. You want to avoid the pain. "I'm afraid that if this moment goes the way it went before, I'll experience what I experienced before, and I don't want to do that again."

The answer to this is to cut through the cords of memory, to interrupt the inner talk by saying out loud, "That was then. This is now." Boom! You are back in the present, able to choose anew in the present moment. When you say the word "now," you bring your attention into the present. Say "NOW" out loud, right now. Feel NOW. What is really happening NOW? Not what happened before, not what MIGHT happen later. What is really happening NOW? Do you see how you are in the habit of scaring yourself? Cultivate the practice of living NOW. Live each moment as the only moment that exists. NOW is the only place you can create anything. NOW is the only place you can choose anything. NOW is all you ever really have.

When we say the word "moment," it will be useful to define what we mean. A moment is an "event" that arises from the matrix of Infinite Mind. It contains everything within it for its natural fulfillment and completion. It is not measured by minutes, seconds, or hours. It is a unit of experience that may be very short or go on for some time. You can FEEL when a moment begins. You can FEEL when it completes. Every moment has a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion, like a phrase in speech or music. Think of it entering into your field of awareness, swelling into its fullness, and then receding as it completes. There is a wavelike quality to a moment. A wave emerges from the ocean, swells, moves forward, and then resolves back into the ocean. Just so with a moment. It emerges from the ocean of consciousness that is the Mind of the Creator. It swells upward into your perceptual field, and moves forward, then ebbs from your experience as it completes. There is background and foreground, and there are different waves overlapping. In the past, you were only peripherally aware of the background, as your attention was captured by the foreground, but now your senses will be broadened and deepened until you are like a bowl containing ALL of it -- all of the ocean and all of the waves upon its surface. You will be aware of all of it simultaneously and be able to move your attention to whatever you feel called to pay attention to, at will.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Get Into the Spirit of Giving!

“‘Tis better to give than to receive.” It’s a favorite refrain this time of year. Cynics might call it a clever advertising ploy cooked up by retailers to encourage consumer spending, but in general it holds true that making someone else happy makes us feel good.

When it comes to the World Wide Web, generosity can mean real benefits for your business–even better than higher levels of dopamine! The spirit of giving can lead to:

Links to your website
Higher search engine rankings
Positive associations for your company
And most importantly, more business!

It’s important to remember that quality content, and incoming links that point to that content, are the two most important components of the ranking algorithms at Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines. Many of the ideas below help with those pillars.

But the additional value of goodwill for your company in the age of social media and user reviews cannot be overstated. Traditional media outlets are increasingly known to scour social media websites like Digg, Reddit, and other locally-relevant portals, for interesting content on which to report. And word-of-mouth is every bit as important online as it is offline.

So with that in mind, here are just a few ideas to inspire your spirit of giving this holiday season (and beyond):

Help Those In Need

Look around for people with questions, and answer them. I mentioned in last month’s article that was a tremendously valuable tool for getting ideas for content. It’s also a great way to find out what people are struggling with. This time of year, all kinds of “Tweeple” are bound to be asking about where to find the best deal on Tickle-Me-Elmo (or maybe this year it’s the talking Eve toy), best Christmas trees in your town, etc. Answering these questions quickly and honestly is a great way to build a base of followers that you can leverage for all kinds of future promotions.

Thinking of giving to charity this season? If so, see if that charity’s website has a sponsors page and ask to have your company’s contact information listed there. If you’re a locally-focused business, these kinds of references, even if they don’t contain a link to your website, can make a major difference in your Local rankings.

Check out Yahoo Answers, one of my favorites. There are plenty of great examples of small business owners who have figured out how to use Yahoo Answers to great effect.

Give Stuff Away

Another of My favorite secrets for small business is to give stuff away, though this same concept can be applied to Craigslist and other classifieds websites. Just by giving away your “junk” with a well-branded email address, and asking people to pick it up at your place of business, you’re going to raise community awareness of your company. You could even take it one step further and host some sort of toy drive for kids and families who can’t afford toys for the holidays-the kind of event that local media love to cover.

If you’re a retailer, think about creating a contest where the winner receives one of your products (this could work equally well with services, depending on your industry). You can ask people to submit funny pictures with your products, stories, poems, etc., and then involve your customers even more by asking them to vote on the submissions! These contests often get plenty of buzz (and links) in the blogosphere, and even if they don’t, you’ve built a little brand loyalty for your company.

And now for the easiest strategy to implement on this list – “give away” links from your blog or website: write about other businesses (though probably not competitors) or holiday events in your area. Not only will readers see you as a resource hub for your community, but the businesses you’re writing about may see your story on their own blog dashboard or in a Google Alert for their own names, and read and promote YOUR content in return.

And don’t forget the most valuable “gift” of all – great content. The possibilities for “great content” are endless, and won’t be specific to any industry or any one business. But if YOU can give the internet, and the world, a truly exceptional piece of content this holiday season, you’ll be rewarded literally a thousand times over in the form of incoming links, positive user reviews, higher search engine rankings, and recognition of your business.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with attention, conviction, interest and desire.

Imagine that you are swimming with your friends in a swimming pool. They swim fifteen rounds, something you have never done before, and desiring to win the respect of your friends, you want to show them that you can make it too. You start swimming, and at the same time keep repeating in your mind, "I can do it, I can do it...". You keep thinking and believing that you are going to complete the fifteen rounds. What are you actually doing? You are repeating positive affirmations.

More than often, people repeat in their minds negative words and statements concerning the situations and events in their lives, and consequently bring upon themselves undesirable situations. Words and statements work both ways, to build or destroy. It is the way we use them that determines whether they are going to bring good or harmful results.

Often, people repeat negative statements in their minds, without even being aware of what they are doing. Do you keep thinking and telling yourself that you cannot do something, that you are too lazy, lack inner strength or that you are going to fail? Your subconscious mind accepts as true what you keep saying, and eventually attracts corresponding events and situations into your life, irrespective whether they are good or bad for you, so why not choose only positive statements?

Affirmations program the mind in the same way commands and scripts program a computer. They work in the same manner as creative visualization. The repeated words help you focus your mind on your aim, and automatically build corresponding mental images in the conscious mind, which affect the subconscious mind. The conscious mind, the mind you think with, starts this process, and then the subconscious mind takes charge. By using this process consciously and intently, you can affect your subconscious mind and thereby transform your habits, behavior, mental attitude and reactions, and even reshape your external life.

Sometimes results appear quickly, but often more time is required. Depending on your goal, sometimes you might attain immediate results, and sometimes it might take days, weeks, months or more. Getting results depends on several factors, such as the time, focus, faith and feelings you invest in repeating your affirmations, on the strength of your desire, and on how big or small is your goal.

It is important to understand that repeating positive affirmations for a few minutes, and then thinking negatively the rest of the day, neutralizes the effects of the positive words. You have to refuse thinking negative thoughts, if you wish to attain positive results.

How to Repeat Affirmations

It is advisable to repeat affirmations that are not too long, as they are easier to remember. Repeat them anytime your mind is not engaged in something in particular, such as while traveling in a bus or a train, waiting in line, walking etc, but do not affirm while driving or crossing a street. You may also repeat them in special sessions of 5-10 minutes each, several times a day.

Relax any physical, emotional or mental tension while affirming. The stronger the concentration, the more faith you have in what you are doing, the more feelings you put into the act, the stronger and faster will be the results.

Choose only positive words, describing what you really want. If you desire to lose weight, do not tell yourself "I am not fat" or "I am losing weight." These are negative statements, bringing into the mind mental images of what you do not want. Say instead, "I am getting slim" or "I have reached my right weight". Such words evoke positive images in the mind.

Always affirm in the present tense, not the future tense. Saying, "I will be rich", means that you intend to be rich one day, in the indefinite future, but not now. It is more effective to say, and also feel, "I am rich now", and the subconscious mind will work overtime to make this happen now, in the present.

The power of affirmations can help you to transform your life. By stating what you want to be true in your life, you mentally and emotionally see and feel it as true, irrespective of your current circumstances, and thereby attract it into your life.

Positive Affirmations

- I am healthy and happy.
- Wealth is pouring into my life.
- I am sailing on the river of wealth.
- I am getting wealthier each day.
- My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way.
- I have a lot of energy.
- I study and comprehend fast.
- My mind is calm.
- I am calm and relaxed in every situation.
- My thoughts are under my control.
- I radiate love and happiness.
- I am surrounded by love.
- I have the perfect job for me.
- I am living in the house of my dreams.
- I have good and loving relations with my wife/husband.
- I have a wonderful and satisfying job.
- I have the means to travel abroad, whenever I want to.
- I am successful in whatever I do.
- Everything is getting better every day.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Want Business or Personal Growth? Challenge Your Assumptions!

Assumptions make our lives easier. That’s both good news and bad. As creatures of habit, we seek efficiency through the use of assumptions in lieu of active thought to drive most of our behaviors. With few exceptions, what we do in any given 24-hour period demands little conscious thought because we’ve developed habits that help us accomplish all sorts of things.

For instance, while driving (even if you’re doing the speed limit), it’s quite common to pull your foot off the gas pedal when you see a police car ahead on the side of the road. In that instant, it seems like your foot has a mind of its own! What really happened is that you incorporated an assumption – that getting a ticket is a bad thing — to replace the thinking component of the “stimulus-thought-response” chain of events. In this example, no doubt, the assumption — or habit of thought — serves you well (this is the good news).

Unfortunately, however, that’s often not the case (this is the bad news). In a business, assumptions might include any of the following statements or beliefs:

“That won’t work here.”

“Change is risky.”

“I’ve seen this situation before.”

“We’re better than the competition.”

While some of our assumptions are useful in preventing us from having to consciously figure out the mechanics each time we confront a familiar situation, many habits of thought keep us from stretching our capabilities and trying new, and inventive, and possibly better ideas or techniques. Just like when you see a police car, these assumptions work silently, but powerfully to impact your behaviors and the behaviors of those around you.

Welcome to the “black box” of business and the enemy of business growth. Most business leaders don’t even know that it exists; yet it contains the keys to our own potential, our organizations’ potential, and our ability to get more of what we really want. Assumptions drive thinking, thinking drives behavior, and behavior drives results.

In late 2005 FORTUNE Magazine published a cover story about Andy Grove, one of Intel’s founders and most accomplished leaders. In describing one of the key characteristics that made Grove so successful, author Richard S. Tedlow wrote “Forcibly adapting himself to a succession of new realities, [Grove] has left a trail of discarded assumptions in his wake.” Grove’s ability to challenge “conventional wisdom” (just a euphemism for assumptions) paved the way for a number of seminal decisions at Intel including their move in the mid 1980’s to exit the memory business and focus on processors, and their decision to spend millions on a ground-breaking branding campaign called “Intel Inside” to brand an internal component of a computer.

What made Grove different (and so successful at Intel) is that he actively sought ways to force himself to challenge his assumptions and beliefs – in effect continually pushing and expanding his comfort zone. It was the modus operandi of his personal growth and his ability to lead Intel so successfully for so long.

Can you identify the modus operandi for strategic growth in your organization? When is the last time you consciously pushed to expand your comfort zone – by definition making yourself and those surrounding you uncomfortable in the process? Can you find a way to regularly challenge your own assumptions and beliefs? If not, might it make sense to find someone who will?

For sure, assumptions make our lives easier and more comfortable. It’s up to you however, to decide what you’d like to do with them to drive growth, to make your organization more competitive, and to improve yourself personally.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Thought Vibration Works

Thought vibration cannot be heard, seen or smelled. However, it is as real as anything that you see around you.

This vibration is so intense that it takes shape instantly in a non-physical reality.

However, as it cannot be sensed in this physical world, you may not give much significance to it.

Thought vibration is higher than your senses can detect.

Your senses are capable to catch just a friction of the vibrations surrounding you. You miss out on most of the reality as a result.

Thought vibration is similar to radio waves. However, radio waves are within the range of your perception, therefore you are able to hear them.

You may find it hard to believe that thoughts are powerful enough to manifest themselves into your reality. Why? Because it is hard for you to perceive something that you cannot touch, hear or smell. However, thoughts create your life no matter if you believe it or not.

Thought vibration works the same way as a magnet. Magnet has the capability to attract very heavy objects to itself, yet you cannot see the force causing the attraction. However, you do not neglect the fact that magnet attracts objects.

The only difference in magnet force is that it can instantly attract objects to itself. Thought, however, takes time to manifest. Why? Because firstly you manifest goals in a non-physical reality. Then this manifestation needs your persistence to finally present itself in your reality.

You might ask at this point why your manifestation needs persistence to come. Why can't it manifest instantly? My honest answer would be that I don't know. It could be so to protect you. As if you think about something horrible, you would not want this manifestation to come instantly to your life, would you?

Most people's minds are so untrained, it is pure chaos there. It would be too much for a person to handle if he would manifest everything he is thinking of.

It might also be this way so as to reward only those who are persistent enough. It would not be fair for everyone to have what they wish because even lazy people would get all they want.

So you may notice a balance here. Those that take time to learn thought vibration will eventually apply everything they know and manifest whatever they desire. Yet lazy people will get results that resonate with their behaviour. Life is fair, isn't it?

Thought Vibration Application

As soon as you think of something, you create it in a non-physical reality. It waits for you to get it. You keep thinking of it, and it comes closer and closer to you. Everything is good so far. But here's where most people fail. They forget to take action.

You have to take some action to get what you want. If you don't move, you will not get any results.

You can act in two ways. First (my favourite one) works this way:

You think of a thought, hold it long enough and then wait. After some time (couple of days or even hours) you will get some idea. This idea comes from the unconscious, starting to guide you towards the achievement of your goal.

If the idea seems right for you, you should act on it straight away – don't forget to thank for it though.

You will know if the idea has reached you through the unconscious rather than from your own logical mind. The idea will be 'out of the blue' and uncommon to your thinking.

I will give you a personal example here. I started to invite thought into reality through positive affirmations. I kept repeating: “Every day I will receive plenty of money working from home., I acted on the idea.” Did it work? You bet!!!

Great ideas started to pour out of nowhere. I would turn on my laptop, browse through some websites, and just spot the opportunities to make money. I would also get offers straight to my email inbox.

I got so many money making ideas that I did not know where to start! I had to stop these affirmations and really make some decisions. I took one great idea that really made sence to me. It was Every Month A Million, and started to work on it.

My mind was calm as I knew that this idea came from the unconscious through the direct request of mine. I knew that it would make me money, as I asked for the money making ideas.

Another way you could act is by taking any action while thinking about your goal. Just keep the goal at the back of your mind at all times, and take any action that you think will lead to the achievement of the goal.

This way you will start the process of manifestation. You may notice that you may be corrected later on if you take the wrong action. Something may happen which will cause you to take a different action. That is okay, just go with the flow. No resistance is needed.

Thought vibration also has some obstacles to go through. These obstacles are thoughts of others.

You are not the only thinking person in this world. The ether is filled with billions of thoughts.

Some of them resonate with yours, some don't.

If your goal is very big (e.g., if you are poor and you want to become a multi-millionaire), your thought will have to travel a long way.

That's why it is important to hold your thought long enough. You have to keep refuelling this vibration, until it is strong and can travel on its own.

Not even mentioning thoughts of others, what about your own thoughts? You may have hundreds of different thoughts in your head that conflict with each other. So if you want to become very wealthy, but some of your thoughts are about impossibility of becoming wealthy, how can you manifest riches?

The way to get rid of your limiting beliefs is by using positive affirmations (to change mindset) and meditation (to get rid of negative thoughts). These two steps I highly recommend. Them alone can make you very successful.

Once you get rid of your limiting beliefs you will notice that goals manifest much quicker. It is because the vibration you send does not have as many obstacles to go through. You will spend less time visualising and refuelling your dreams. They will manifest much easier.

Thoughts also have the capability to multiply themselves. This is because of the law of increase. If you keep thinking about riches, you will be able to attract other people's thoughts about riches. It will strengthen your vibration and you will eventually become rich.

The only thing is, there are many more people who have limiting and depressed thoughts...

That's why it is much easier to become poor and a coward than to become wealthy and courageous.

If you introduce some limiting thought vibration in your head, it will waste no time inviting its friends: sad, depressing, angry and worrying thoughts.

This especially applies if you live with fearful people or have angry neighbours. As soon as you become angry, their thoughts will find you and deepen your anger.

If you want to become a successful person, you will have to be persistent in positive thinking.

Others positive thoughts will reach you, but you may feel it only slightly.

Distance plays a role here. If a very successful person is far away from you, his/her thought will reach you. However, it will not be felt as strongly as some limiting thought you might get from your neighbour.

I know that it is easy to fall into the depressing thought vibration. But you have to think only positively if you want to get out of your current reality. Only you can help yourself, no one else can.

If you find it hard to hold positive thought vibration, just think about the rewards you will get. Is living your dream worth spending time thinking positively? I'm sure it is.

Don't ever give up in whatever you do. Do not fall back where the masses are. It's too crowded there anyway.

It is so much better to live a life of your dreams. And it is achievable. You will have to pay the price, of course, but the rewards will be worth every second of your persistence.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Faith or Fear-Which one will you choose?

Each time in my life that I have embarked to start a new endeavor there is at some point in the beginning a moment where I feel a cold chilling sting. This sting I am referring to is the fear of failure. Perhaps some of you reading this have never had that problem, and you just go from one business to the next with your chest out conquering the world. This article is NOT for you. There are many people that experience the fear of failure at one point or another in their lives, and some people live with it indefinitely. This article IS for you.

If you do not take ownership of and conquer your fear early on it will debilitate you causing your biggest fears to become a reality. There are a few short truths that I am about to share with you to aid you in your quest of conquering fear. First, you have to accept the fact that Fear is a spirit as the Bible states in 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind.” The opposite of fear is faith which is also a spirit. In fact, one could define fear as the expectation of something bad whereas faith could be defined as the expectation of something good.

That is an over simplified definition of either term, but let me explain. One individual may be afraid of dogs and when meeting a new dog, is afraid because they are expecting to be bitten, whereas another individual who loves dogs, has faith that the dog will be friendly. You see? Your fear of failure isn’t that you are failing now. It is from the expectation or at least a concern that you will fail, and the fact of the matter is that fear and faith being spirits cannot coexist in the same vessel. You will be in submission to one or the other.

I realize that all of that was deep but the way to cure your fear isn’t deep at all. The thing that cures fear is simple…ACTION cures fear. Whatever you are afraid of, do that thing over and over and you will no longer be afraid of it. If you have a fear of failure then go to work and work hard until the fear goes away. In this case your success would chase fear away. Whichever spirit you submit to will determine the outcome of your expectations. Faith is God’s activator and fear is Satan’s activator. Which one will you choose?

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Monday, November 30, 2009

How to Come Out of One's Shell

You have a lot to offer the world, if only you could find the courage to break out of your shell and live life fully and confidently. If you're tired of standing quietly at the back of the crowd, never receiving acknowledgment for your ideas, it's time to change your life.

6 Steps on How to Come Out of One's Shell

Step 1
Follow your convictions. When you do what you think is right, you have only yourself to blame or congratulate for the outcome. It is empowering to realize that you're in control of your life and your actions.

Step 2
Take risks and show initiative in small areas of your life in order to build up confidence. Maybe you're not ready to take on a large public challenge, but by forcing yourself to take small risks every day, your confidence will grow. Share an idea with the office manager for streamlining the filing system. Whether they heed your advice is unimportant, just the fact that you spoke up shows you're advancing.

Step 3
Admit your errors and move forward. Many of us fear being wrong so much that we hide our mistakes. Once you learn to say, "I'm sorry, that was my fault," you'll find others warming to you because you are more approachable. It takes a confident person to admit their errors.

Step 4
Acknowledge compliments with grace and acceptance. You can be modest without selling yourself out. Train yourself to bite your tongue before uttering, "Oh, it was nothing…" Instead, respond with, "Thank you. I'm so glad you like it." It's okay to be proud of what you have accomplished.

Step 5
Treat yourself every time you pass another confidence hurdle. Self-esteem is its own reward, but reinforcing each success with a new book, a night at the movies or that handbag you've had your eye on will provide even more motivation to come out of your shell.

Step 6
Look for the silver lining. Despite gloomy circumstances, strive to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Take time to think the situation through and set your sights on a better future. If you're stuck in a dead end job, make a firm decision to work towards a better career and do at least one small thing every day to make that change come true.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Take Action To Achieve Your Dreams

You have a dream. Maybe you want to climb Mt Everest, move to another country to earn money for your future, start your own business or even go back into the working world after spending a few years taking care of the kids.

Why aren’t you doing it? What’s holding you back?

Listen, a dream is a vision in our mind. Creative dreaming without action is a far-fetched realization to goal attainment.

Typical examples are the great wonders of the world, those landmarks that typify or define the greatness of nations. Landmarks like the Statue of Liberty of the United States of America, the Big Ben of England, the Taj Mahal of India, the Great Wall of China, and numerous more. Imagine if these great ideas, these dreams were not acted upon, will we ever have them to be enjoyed by people from every nation on earth? What kind of achievement will each nation have if great thinkers just sit on their ideas and never acted on it. Absolutely nothing. We would probably be facing each other blankly wondering why and what went wrong?

Probably you’d say: “Oh? well? we still have the natural wonders like Niagara Falls, Mt. Fuji, beautiful coral reefs everywhere on earth.” Yes? but these are God’s creations. God did not create man in His own image if He thinks we won’t be using our creativity and put it into action. He might as well take it away from us. He expects us to act on it.

So what’s keeping us from acting on our ideas? We can name a few. Fear of failure is our biggest deterrent. Fear of being ridiculed, fear of sinking further to a depressed state than we presently are, fear of totally losing all we’ve got if we don’t achieve our personal goals, fear of taking risks.

We all have to take risk at one time or another. Risk may come to us in a variety of reasons, big or small. There are risks we can do without, but there are risks that leave us no option but to take and act on it.

As you can see, risks come in many forms. For comparison purposes, let us consider two: risk similar to winning or losing when we gamble and risk in pursuit of a goal.

The risk involved in gambling is for non-thinkers. This is tantamount to luck risk, not good judgment risk. Risk of this kind has no room in goal realization. It is like ignoring safety on the road, just for kicks, come what may, short-lived, to satisfy a craving.

However, risks taken to achieve goal has a definite lasting purpose, a purpose that will bring untold benefits once you achieve your goals. It is a risk worth taking for thinkers, not for happy-go-lucky non-thinkers. Risk in pursuit of a goal will bring stability and security in life, ultimately leading to happiness.
Whenever fear grips us, think positively. Look at it this way. Will we ever get anywhere if we don’t take the risk to act on our dreams? Will we be satisfied with our inaction, five, ten, or twenty years from now?

If you notice, there is one common denominator that is holding us back from acting on our dreams, that thing called fear. Fear is the biggest stumbling block to acting on a creative dream that it practically holds everything still. So it is imperative that we eliminate fear in our feelings to clear the way to our goal.

To overcome this fear, we have to face fear on the face, eye to eye, mano y mano. Let us take a typical example, say you have a fear of speaking in public. I guess a majority of us do. Worst scenario that could happen is you will get tongue-tied and spoil your entire speech in spite of having committed the entire speech into memory. You become the laughing stock of the audience. Don’t let it prevent you from speaking in public the next time around because if you do, fear has won over you and you will be cowering in this kind of fear for the rest of your life. To win over fear, draw lessons from your failure and capitalize on it the next time around. Don’t stop till you have successfully made a good speech. Once you do, you have actually turned the table around. This time, it is fear that fears you.

Another example with a somewhat different twist, say you are a lifeguard and you failed to save a drowning person who apparently should have been saved. Now this is a big failure because a life was at stake here. In spite of this, don’t give up being a lifeguard just because of one mistake. Think about the other lives you have saved before and will be saving if you continue to do so. Say you were able to save a person in an otherwise hopeless situation, doesn’t this offset or overcome the previous failure that happened?

The idea here is to give your best. Once you give your best, it just doesn’t get any better because it is already the best.

When you act on your dreams, think of your actions in a positive way. What you think is what will happen. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. Believe that the likely outcome of a thing that we do depends mostly on how we set our mind on it. Our actions originate from our thoughts and the ultimate result is dictated by our mind as well. If we think it will fail, it will. If we think it will succeed, it will. Mental thinking or attitude is the master of the actions we undertake.

Where your mental attitude is directed for a longer period of time, the more difficult it is to change to the opposite direction. If your mind is set on negative thoughts, the more difficult it will be to change to positive thoughts if you do not act on it immediately. However, if your mind is already set on positive thoughts for a long time, it will remain firm on this attitude as time goes by.

Defeat is imminent if your thoughts are in this direction. You may say: “I told you so” that an action has failed because you think it will, just to satisfy yourself when in fact, you are just looking for an excuse or easy way out. The end result is still a failure and what does that make you, a failure. You are just fooling yourself.

On the other hand, success is imminent when your thoughts say it will. Even if it fails the first time, you will learn from your failure and when you try again, you will ultimately succeed as you gain more experience. Keep on trying and persevering. There should be no let up and when success is at hand, you would have defeated defeat.

Here’s another nugget of thought. If you go all out and risk everything, there is nothing left to risk. When that happens, the only possible outcome is success.

Don’t give up your dreams without even fighting for them just because the risks are too great.

The greater the risk, the bigger the reward and success is sweeter. Either way, whether you achieve your dream or not, you will come out of it a better person.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good

Friday, November 27, 2009

7 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Live a More Exciting Life

Any change, or even an attempt to change anything you are doing, makes you uncomfortable. By attempting to change, you move out of your comfort zone. You feel increasingly uneasy. You experience stress and tension. If the change is too extreme, your physical and mental health can be affected. You will experience sleeplessness, indigestion, or fatigue. You may react with impatience, irritability or anger. You will often feel as if you are on an emotional roller-coaster.

Raise Your Internal Standards

So if you want to sell more and earn more, you must increase your self-concept level of income. You must increase the amount you believe yourself capable of earning. You must raise your aspirations, set higher goals, and make detailed plans to achieve them. You must begin to see yourself and think about yourself as capable of being one of the highest earning salespeople in your field. You must take charge of developing a new self-concept for sales and income that is more consistent with what you really want to accomplish.

Build Your Self-Concept Level of Income

Your self-concept determines your levels of performance and effectiveness in everything you do. In sales, you have a series of mini-self-concepts that govern every activity of selling. You have a self-concept for prospecting, for using the telephone, for cold calling, for making appointments, for qualifying, for presenting, for answering questions, for closing, for getting referrals, and for making follow-up sales. You have a self-concept of your level of product knowledge, your personal management skills, your level of motivation and for the way that you relate to different types of customers. In every case, you will always perform in a manner consistent with your self-concept.

The Key to Peak Performance

Wherever you have a high self-concept, you perform well. If you enjoy working on the telephone, you look forward eagerly to telephone prospecting and selling and you do it well. If you have a high self-concept for making presentations or for closing sales, you feel comfortable and competent whenever you are doing them.

Wherever you feel tense or uneasy in selling, it means that you have a low self-concept in that area. You do not feel comfortable when you are engaged in that activity. You probably avoid that activity as much as possible.

This is normal and natural. The only question is, "What are you going to do about it?"

Action Exercises

It’s easy to get stuck.

Nestle yourself deeper and deeper into that warm, safe and comforting comfort zone.

But if you want to improve your life you’ll sooner or later need to step out of that zone. Because it’s there you’ll find all those new and exciting experiences. Where you’ll find freedom from boredom.

Here are 7 ideas that can help you get out of your comfort zone. Some are ways to make the process easier. Some are ways you may not have thought of (or forgotten).

1. Face your fears. But do it in small steps.
This is one of the best ways to overcome fears and get out of your comfort zone. What holds us back in our zone of comfort is often a fear or that facing that fear straight on might be overwhelming. This is a solution to those two problems. It allows you to stretch your comfort zone slowly making it less uncomfortable and frightening.

If you’re for instance nervous socially you might not feel able to ask people out on dates right away. The fear of being rejected and that others might think less of you if you get turned down can make many of us feel unable to ask the question.

So you take small steps instead. Steps like first just saying hi to people. Or starting to talk more to people online via forums and Instant Messaging. And then trying to be more involved in conversations at work or in school to exercise your conversation-muscles.

I guess one could say that you gradually de-sensitize yourself to social situations or whatever you are afraid of. Or, seeing it in a more motivating light, that you are building courage and expanding your comfort zone in this part of your life (which is something that often seeps over to other areas of life too.)

So, identify your fear. Then make a plan with some smaller steps you can take to gradually lessen your discomfort.

2. Try something weird.
One obvious way to move out of your comfort zone is to do something new. But a more interesting option might be to think of doing something weird. When you choose something new you may choose something that is line with your personality. So your experiences can become limited. Instead, choose something that’s out of character for you. Something that isn’t you as you are right now. Something that you – and/or the people close to you – wouldn’t think that you would do.

3. Make a new acquaintance.
This will expose your to new experiences, opinions and interests. And it’s not just about meeting new people the usual way. Try just picking up a biography about someone you know nothing about. Start reading a book from a writer you haven’t read before. Read about a random topic at Wikipedia. Or add an unexpected RSS-feed about something you normally never read about.

4. Take a friend with you.
In general, it’s often easier to not go it alone. And this applies to many situations. Including when you are going for the emotional bungee jump that getting out of your comfort zone can be.

I’d say this probably the most popular way to get yourself out of comfort zones. If you are going to a party where you know few people then it may be easier to bring a friend. If you have decided to start going to the gym it might be easier to actually get going and keeping going there every week if you have a gym-partner.

However, there are potential downsides to bringing friends too. If you are at the party with your friend then you might not meet and get to know that many new people. If you are going to the gym with a partner it might lead to the two of you talking and focusing less on getting a great workout.

5. Educate yourself.
Your comfort zone might be protecting your from imaginary dangers. Maybe things aren’t as difficult or scary as you imagine? Do a bit of research. Getting some good information can dissipate quite a bit of your fear and nervousness.
Do a bit of Googling. Read books and blogs. Ask someone who has been there before. By reading/hearing about what others that have done the same thing you are about to do saw, heard, felt and did you can not only lessen negative feelings but also get some very valuable and practical tips.

6. Awash your mind with positive memories.
Realise it can be fun to get out of your comfort zone despite what your mind and feelings might be telling you before you get started. Think back to the previous times when you have broken out of your comfort zone. Focus on the positive memories, when you got out there, when you took a chance. And it wasn’t so bad, it was actually fun and exciting and something new to you.

A lot of times we automatically play back our negative experiences – or negative interpretations of events – in our minds before we are about to do something. And we forget about the positive memories and our previous, positive achievements. Avoid that trap. Let the good memories flow through your mind instead and let things become easier.

7. Use other methods to pump yourself up.
Besides remembering positive memories, there are a whole bunch of things you can do to pump up your emotional state temporarily. Here is a small list of such tips within in this list:

Use Music. Listen to uplifting and motivational music.

Use Your Body. How you use your body affects how you feel. Move in a confident way and you’ll soon feel more confident. Move in an excited way and you’ll soon feel more excited.

Use Your Imagination. Close your eyes. Visualize how great everything will unfold. How wonderful and excited you will feel. This is a whole lot more useful than seeing in your mind how everything will turn out badly.

Use Guided Meditation. I like Talking to Win and Self-Esteem Supercharger by Learning Strategies. They are useful for giving you a positive boost for a couple of days.

Use Your Breathing. Not exactly a way to pump yourself up but rather to calm yourself down quickly.

If you want to succeed at a higher level then you need to continually challenge yourself. Keep trying something new.

Every Month A Million and the Daily Dose Of Good