Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Three Powerful Breakthrough Life Changing Actions

Make these Three Breakthrough Actions part of your life and positive things will begin rapidly coming into your life. These Three Breakthrough Actions will change your life and bring you what you’ve been missing.

Practice these Three Actions and watch what happens.
The First Breakthrough Action.
Let go of your non-love feelings.
Pay attention to what you’re saying, thinking and doing. Watch all the time. Stay awake to what’s happening. Be on the lookout all the time. When you see some non-love thought, you stop it. When you see some non-love feeling, you stop it. When you see you’re taking some non-love action, you stop it.

If what you’re thinking, feeling, saying or doing is negative, end it. Stop it.
If I hand you a red-hot poker you drop it in a split second, right? Non-love feelings, words, thoughts, actions, all those are hot pokers. Drop them. Non-love, not-liking, disapproval, negativity is burning up your life just like a red-hot fireplace poker burns up your hand.Drop the non-love feelings like you would drop a hot poker.

Here’s the test. Is it negative? Then, it’s non-loving and hurting your life. Drop it.
The Second Breakthrough Action.
Hold in mind what you want. Hold in mind means what you keep in your mind. Hold in mind means the thoughts and feelings that occupy your mind all the time.

You get what you hold in mind. Whatever is occupying your mind, your thoughts and your feelings, is what you manifest in the material world. It’s the law of attraction.

Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative. Love attracts love. Non-love attracts more non-love. Love is the same energy as positive, success, abundance, health, money, peace.

If you hold in mind “I can’t,” you’re right, you can’t. If you hold in mind “I don’t have it,” you’re right, you don’t have it and you aren’t going to have it. You’re holding the wrong thing in mind. You’re holding in mind what you don’t want.

Fake it until you make it. Stop thinking you don’t have it. Hold in your mind only what you want. Prove it to yourself. Make a good effort. What do you have to lose? If I’m right you get to have everything.

If I’m wrong, you’re no worse off. Here is a little hint: If it doesn’t work, it’s because your mind talked you out of doing it. Your mind talked you out of making a decision. Your mind talked you out of being determined and persistent. You (like everyone else on the planet) have spent your entire life collecting non-love feelings.

It’s likely to take some time to get all of them out. However, it’s worth it because, if you work at it, if you do it, it will work. You will notice changes happening the very first week if you are persistent. Hold in mind what you want.

Here’s another hint:
You can easily see what you’re holding in your mind. Watch what you’re saying all the time. Watch what you’re thinking. And, you can see what you’re holding in your mind by paying attention to your feelings.

Now remember, this is not about affirmations. This is not about hanging signs around your house and car. This is about holding in mind what you want. You do that by dropping thoughts, words or feelings which express what you don’t want.

The Third Breakthrough Action.
Make a commitment to be positive and loving, in spite of what’s happening. Decide: “I’m going to be positive and loving in spite of whatever is happening.” Make that your motto.Be positive in spite of what happens. You live your life automatically reacting with emotions you learned as a two-year-old child.

You’re not two years old anymore, but you’re still doing the same thing. End the habit of automatically reacting. It’s just a decision. Something happens that seems to be negative. You react. You leave the present moment and you go off. Does that ever solve anything?

Anger, breaking into hysteria, feeling bad because someone gave you a dirty look? Negative, non-love behavior doesn’t do anything for you except make you more negative and non-loving.

It never solves anything. It never helps anything. I know you see that. I know you agree with me, because you have experienced it yourself many, many times. Make a decision. I am going to be loving and positive in spite of whatever happens.

Remember the hot poker? Begin by letting go of the hot poker called negative, non-loving reactions. Try it. Prove it to yourself. Be positive and loving in spite of whatever happens, whatever is going on, whatever they’re doing or saying. Be positive and loving and watch what happens.

When you’re positive and loving in spite of whatever, you’re moving over to the side of love. Love conquers all. Love transforms. Love is the answer.

Adopt the Three Breakthrough Actions. Practice them. Don’t listen to your mind trying to talk you out of it. You’re in the right place at the right time. Take action. Be loving. Let go of the non-love feelings.

Practice the Three Breakthrough Actions:
1. Let go of your non-love feelings.

2. Hold in mind what you want.

3. Be positive and loving in spite of whatever happens
You will be the happiest and you will have everything. Prove it to yourself. I always thought good luck was something mysterious that happened to people for no good reason. Now I understand.
Now I see that luck is loving yourself. I proved that to myself because I started having great luck. All kinds of things started falling in my lap when I started loving myself and everyone else. Now I live a life of good luck. Uncanny good things are happening for me all the time now. And will for you also.
James Boehm

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

7 Keys to Having a Positive Attitude

Why do some people have such a great attitude and others a negative one? Well, I wondered the same thing and through my research I found seven keys that those with a positive mental attitude all share. How do you rate?

1) Choose Your Attitude in Advance:
When you wake up, you have a choice. You can be in a good mood or a bad mood. You also choose your attitude. You can wake up and mutter to yourself, "This is gonna be a cruddy day," or you can tell yourself, "This is gonna be a great day!" This choice is the start of a great attitude.

2) Visualize Success:
Runners in the Boston Marathon picture themselves crossing the finish line. Picture yourself having a successful day. Self-visualization is a key factor in having a positive mental attitude. Will it work 100% of the time? I wish it would. However, by visualizing your success, you'll be able to have a better handle on what does happen, and having a better chance of making it happen.

3) Demonstrate Humor, Energy, and Enthusiasm:
We call these three items the magic ingredients. Without them, creating a positive mental attitude will be difficult. There is normally humor in every situation. Finding it is key. Sometimes you'll need to stretch and dig a little deeper to find the humor in a situation. But once you do, you'll feel so much better. Energy is important because without some energy in your attitude, you'll be dragging behind everyone. Energy is closely related to the third ingredient, enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious; let's start an epidemic!

4) Resist Negative Influences:
It's a fact. When we have a negative experience with a company, we'll tell more people about it than if we have a good experience with the same company. Many times, when you hear that someplace wasn't very good, you'll believe the person who told you and choose not to do business with that company. However, you may only be hearing half the story. Check things out for yourself. Especially if the negativity involves a person you work with or know. We've all heard negative things about someone we didn't know and then when we had the opportunity to meet them ourselves, we find that they're not as bad as someone had alluded to. In fact they might be nice, but you need to be the judge. Take negativity out of your life. Steer clear of those who drag you down and say negative things. Being around other positive people is a good start.

5) Be a Whatever-it-Takes Person:
This means, be a problem solver. Life is going to put obstacles in front of all of us. How we go around those obstacles is key. There's normally a good answer to every problem put in front of us. Dale Carnegie said it best. Ask yourself, "What is the worst thing that can happen here?" Then move up from that.

6) Embrace Change:
Expect it and Accept it: Some people are very good at handling change and some resist it. The major key to handling change is to accept it; deal with it. In most cases there's little we can do to stop it anyway.

7) Be Grateful for What You Have:
Many people have so much and yet those same people are often the ones that constantly complain. Why wait for some life-altering experience to be grateful? Be grateful, now.

These are the seven keys to having a positive mental attitude. Put them into practice and you will be amazed at the difference they can make.

James Boehm

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Take On: What Makes a Great Leader?

I have always been interested in leadership. I have always thought about men like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Thomas Jefferson. As long as I can remember I have always looked for the secrets that made these leaders so great. That made it so that we still remember their names today. What makes a person a great leader? The thing about being interested in something is you can’t help but learn an incredible amount about it. This is everything I’ve learned so far.

Great leaders have a story.
Humans think in stories, its actually the number one way we learn. A great leader takes a simple story, a simple needed message, and doesn’t just tell it, they embody it. For Gandhi the story was that India needed its independence, and that the only people who could be governed were a people who chose to obey. Every leader has a story, its what makes us respect them in the first place.

Great leaders are servants.
The role of a leader is not to be over people, but to become a servant to a message and to every person who may benefit from this message. They know that if example is the highest form of leadership and it is service that is needed than an example of service must be set.

Great leaders don’t care who gets the credit.
They just want their message spread in the best possible way. Whether that means them leading the crowd or not.

Great leaders take time for themselves.
Every major leader in history made a regular habit of getting away from the influence and demands of every one else for a little while to spend some time working on there own beliefs. If you are always around the same crowd you will all start to think alike, and than who will come up with new ideas?

Great leaders offer something of value.
If nobody needs something than there is no story tell, there is no service to be given, and thus there is no opportunity for leadership. Leadership is about offering value to your supporters and your team.

Great leaders call out the best in people.
The do not accept the idea that other men should be less than them. Instead they call out the best in each man, and show us what we can really be.

Great leaders are more concerned with their message than with what others might think.
Every major leader in history has had some voice condemn them. Gandhi broke the law and went to prison, Buddha challenged the major religion of his country, Jesus was crucified, and Martin Luther King was shot. These men all knew the risks that they were taking on. Their message was just more important to them, than whether anyone would agree, or even if it would of put their lives in danger.

Great leaders are passionate.
You can only promote something you don’t care about for so long before it gets to you. Every human is like this and great leaders are no exceptions. These people are just so passionate about what they are doing and what they are fighting for that it becomes infectious. We get excited about things when they are presented by someone who is excited about what they are doing and talking about.

Great leaders are down to earth.
Jefferson ironed his own socks. Gandhi did all of the servants work in the house. Jesus said “turn the other cheek”. They weren’t super humans, they were human, and that is what made them great.

They didn’t start off great. In fact, they didn’t even start as leaders. Whether anyone would have listened to them or not, they started, and through every struggle they kept going until they got good at it.

They did not give up. If you think its bad having your mom or dad tell you that your idea is bad imagine an entire culture tell you that you are wrong. This is the inevitable result of doing or saying something different from the norm. Even more impressive is that they didn’t give up before becoming accomplished at their goals.

“A professional is an amateur who did not give up”

So leadership takes a message that serves, puts passionate service to that message over ego, starts off small, and doesn’t give up. What leaders have you known with these traits? What other traits have you noticed in great leaders? What are you going to do about it?

James Boehm